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Posts published in “Governance”

Governance has increasingly become a major instrument for the successful growth performance and development purposes in the world. Generally, the state  of governance in Africa has been a major concern since the 1960s when some African countries got their independence.

In Africa, as in every region, it is the quality and characteristics of governance that shape the level of peace and stability and the prospects for economic development. There is no more critical variable than governance, for it is governance that determines whether there are durable links between the state and the society it purports to govern.

Improved governance, which appears to be the common donor requirement for the release of both bilateral and multilateral aid to African countries, has been defined diversely among different observers and actors concerned with development in Africa.

Tackling corruption with good governance is one of the most important challenges that African countries currently face. Without reforms that dismantle the financial, political, and administrative structures that perpetuate corruption, Africa will be unable to break the cycle of cronyism and bad governance that has constrained its tremendous potential for economic, political, and social development.

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