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Posts published in “Community Development”

Africa is full of diverse and beautiful people. Unfortunately as a result of poverty, many of these people live in appalling conditions and face daily challenges.

In recent years, Africa’s development is dominated by multiple transitions which, in some countries, often have run concurrently: from war to peace, from one-party rule to multi-party governance, from apartheid to a non-racial democracy, from command economies dominated by government.

Community development in Africa a continent of riotous colour and cultural depth. There are few things that give a greater sense of achievement than rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in community development work. Projects such as clean water works, energy saving programs, chicken projects, vocational skills training, family planning and reproductive health programs are the focus of community development in Africa today.

Community organizing, community-based development, and community-based service provision is distinct community empowerment strategies. Community organizing centres on mobilization of residents to address common problems. While many macroeconomic and social structural factors can promote or inhibit grassroots mobilization on the continent.

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