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About | Susa Africa

Telling of Africa’s story via new media is important in shaping the perception of the continent. Developed countries have understood the significance of the media in promoting social policies, political philosophies, religious ideas, and economic policies, in the development of the nation state.

In the course of colonialism, the media was used by western and European nations to further push their agenda in Africa. The agenda of political control, imposing new economic systems, religious and spiritual belief systems, and ultimately altering the ways of life for Africans.

We are providing Africans a tool with an opportunity to counter negative stereotypes by giving them a homegrown platform, creating multiple stories about the continent, introducing multiple and complex images about the continent and its people. The platform will broaden awareness of the region and its 54 nations by combining opinion research as well as analysis of news and social media conversations through reports and transformational ideas basically focusing on Africa.

Susa Africa is playing a major role in documenting multiple perspectives and narratives about the African continent. Through our stories, our authentic African stories became the African Narrative. We are rewriting African narrative and giving voice to a new way for Africans and the world to think about our dear continent “Africa”.

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