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Why are People not Talking about Kanu Jumping Bail?

Why are people not giving focus to the fact that Nnamdi jumped bail and violated his bail requirement by running away through the back door? Like he jumped the bail with impunity. I am not a fan of the Buhari administration not anymore but that shouldn’t stop us from being objective in our analysis.

It is crystal clear like the moon on the 14th day of the lunar month that some people, or I should probably say most people are hell bent on attacking anything they see FG there. Even if the news reads “Buhari awards the payment of 2 million naira to all Nigerian”, they will still boisteriously attack it. I can’t totally blame them, the administration has placed themselves in the darkest of books.

Let’s leave the digression and use the few words I have to corroborate my position on this subject matter. We all know Kanu was granted bail on condition by a court of competent jurisdiction. This same man ran away behind the light. I wouldn’t even have been this angered had it been he ran to the “Maldives” to enjoy and escape the Nigerian torment. Alas! He didn’t. He ran way to become a bigger criminal, and this is not also spoken about enough.

Understanding the Paradigm of Nation-building in Nigeria

I think we should make it clear to those that doesn’t know that the Nigerian constitution is what is regarded as the supreme law of the land and I think maybe when the writers were putting it up, they forgot to give chance to the kind of actions of Kanu and Igboho. And maybe they did not forget, maybe it was intentional. Anyone that it is, I don’t think I care much. All I care about is that the constitution frowns at actions like that and for it to be permissible, the constitution has to change but none of these emancipators is ready to toe that line.

The Gold of Our Land

Kanu inciting criminal activities that lead to loss of lives, property, and threat to national security and unity won’t be condoned by any reasonable government, even the hypocritical “White lands” that are fanning the ember of discord and giving him moral and financial support won’t let Kanu last a month. They won’t let the child Kanu live long to grow to become this giant criminal element.

Now to the final part of this pseudo editorial, where I will be articulating a position. Kanu jumped a bail, which warrants an arrest. He did not stop at that, he continued to the point of inciting crimes. A bench warrant for his arrest was lawfully procured by the same court of competent jurisdiction that granted his conditional bail and it was granted. Then they proceeded with the arrest through the INTERPOL. And an offender was arrested. Where is the fuss now coming from? Why are people now trying to portray Kanu as if he has not worked for the arrest? He worked day and night for this kind of treatment. No one forced them on him. Let him face the consequences of his actions.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Susa Africa’s editorial stance.

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