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Daily Briefing: Two of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Turbines will begin Operation In August

Ethiopian Electric Corporation  said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will start generating 750 MW out of the two completed units by August 2021.

The CEO, Ashebir Balcha of the Ethiopian national power grid operator noted that the two units have the power of generating 375 MW of energy each, according to local media report.

In addition, he said that the first phase of energy generation produces more than that of Tekeze and Gilgel Gibe combined which have the capacity of generating 300 MW and 420 respectively.

GERD is set to become Africa’s largest hydroelectric facility. The civil work of the project has been completed 91 percent, whereas the metal works 53.7 percent with an overall progress of 79 percent, as to the office.

Dispute Over Nile And The Essential Future Cooperation

The gravity dam on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia under construction since 2011. GERD dike the Blue Nile river coming from Ethiopia’s highlands just before it passes over into Sudan, where, upon merging with the White Nile, it continues northwards to Egypt.

Political tensions between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have been escalating in a conflict over the near-complete GERD for years. In recent times, the diplomatic temperature has increased as Ethiopia’s rainy season approaches over the 6,450 MW hydropower project.

Reconciliation and negotiations to accord on GERD operation have been ongoing. Last week, the three countries are all seeking to find some common ground but are currently stalled. There is not yet agreement on how these dams will operate to manage scarce water supplies.

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