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Has School Rendered Us Useless?

I can’t and I won’t. Why will I wants to go to School? I will rather be at the Tennis Court or at the Dance Studio than solving one mathematical problem. It is High School and am done with it. How can I sit in one place over several hours, when I can make over £10 just in one minute. I am no longer going. Mum, I can’t go to School, she took a deep breath. I am no longer interested in Schooling, said a teenager who just finished his High School.

It is now one of the most trending topics that is being discussed amidst people most especially the youths. It is now a matter that calls for the concern as some sects tag their self as “Anti Education”. In fact, they dropped out of school simply because of the popular saying “School is a scam”.

If these are not enough to be, it is also judicially justified by our notable Universities Professors, Polytechnic Rectors, College of Education Chancellors and our brilliant first class students, that also supports the motion. A University Professor once wrote in one of the national dailies What is the essence of education? And this to justifies what they have been clamoring for. It is now a debatable issue in the mind of a Secondary School graduate on whether to further his schooling or opts out. It ever makes sense to him about his decision, whenever he sees his Uncle who graduated with a First Class Result still jobless for over six years. The narration here is not to support or oppose any idea, but the fact should speak.

Before we moved further, let’s know what Education and a School contains. First on the list. What is Education? According to one of the most popular Dictionaries. Oxford Dictionary stated that, Education is a process of teaching, training, learning especially in Schools to improve knowledge and skills. The meaning here consists a lot of things. Training, Teaching, and learning. These are the three basic things a man must live with, in an essence of growth. The evidence here has shown us that a School is the best place to achieve that. Then what is a School?

School is a place where people learn. Understanding the concept of both education and school, one can say both plays a vital role in a Man’s life. All the qualities being attached with education are best learned in a School. One cannot survive in this world without having all, it will be a great disaster for one.

So many people always make references to successful people, by pointing out one or two who did not finished their tertiary schooling but now have the bulk. They are well-known globally, and far doing better than those marvelous first class students. In each sector now of the country, graduates could count their self as their place in all industries too are somehow minimal.
Coming to the Country where I lived, as the First Man of the State doesn’t possess a High School Cert, and so many others who held a lot of notable positions in the country. It is apparent one can be easily swayed with all what is happening and an eye-to-eye sample. In fact in good accord with it can be justified, but can this happen to every Tom, Dick and Harry?

Our educational system is far behind, will I say we are still having and 15th century schooling and where the rest of world of is now in the 21st Century. It speaks of as the best Country’s University failed to make first to ten best ranked Universities in her own continent. A disgrace to She who carries the largest population of people in her continent can’t boast of her School that is being out of one to a thousand in the World. To make the matters worse, the last stroke that broke the Camel’s back. The Body in response for Students who want to gain admission to tertiary institution. They also added salt to the injury, as a Student with 30% can have access with what should be an average of 50%.

She spent below 16% of her budget allocated for Education as the world in control of Education (UNESCO) stated at least 16% must go to Education. It is now even a struggle for students who did well outstandingly failed to gain admission or get a good job. But is Education useless? The answer is not far fetched.

The way we practiced it here makes me wonder whether we are part of this World, or we are living on another planet. It is important for to Man to have these. Why? Education has proffer solutions to World’s existing problem. Knowledge, Skill, training makes a Man to be successful when it is being properly being used, the absence of those can be disastrous.

Going to School helps a lot, though one of the example pointed is Mark Zuckerberg who said bye to School at an early age, but only few people know that the School he went too was ranked as the best for ten years consecutively in the World. He is an addicted reader, he reads a lot of books. He dropped out when he is about to finish due to finances. Many people also doesn’t understand that he later went back to finished up. Those who they used as a reference are Scholars in different fields. One of them is Robert, the author of Rich Dad and Poor Dad is a PhD holder. Many people misunderstood his text, he told them to explore more in education by getting financial education, but them, they stopped. Havoc wrecking!

Education and School are two major things responsible for the outcome of any successful individual. But one we asked here, with the standards of education available. One will wonder, Is School not a scam?



The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Susa Africa’s editorial stance.

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