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How to Cope with Stress during this Covid-19 Crisis

In recent times, we are all aware of the impact of covid-19. Unfortunately, a common silent impact that many are “not” aware of is mental health implications.

Last week, a friend wrote me a message about how she experienced anxiety due to the outbreak. It is quite understandable because the outbreak does not seem to abate, but rather worsening.

However, this is the worst time to joke with your immunity and stress or anxiety will alter that. Stress, which is how your body naturally responds to a perceived threat of huge demand, lowers the body’s ability to fight diseases.

A strong immune system is one of the prerequisites in fighting off this virus, just like most viral infections.

Ways you can cope with stress during this crisis

  • Information control: Almost every news outlet has some information about the corona virus. However, the more you feed your mind with these recurring negative inform, the more worries you have about being a victim or not. As much as you can, limit the time you check the updates on the corona virus to just once a day. In addition to that, avoid people or outlets that are only sources of negative news.
  • Deep breathing: There are people who have experienced panic attacks as a consequence of the anxiety due to the pandemic. This can sometimes be confused with symptoms of covid-19 infection, which will further worsen the attacks. In cases where you feel so anxious, pause and take repeated deep breaths. This will help you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Practice regular positive affirmations: At a time like this where there are several uncertainties, it is recommended to fill the mind with positive affirmations. This will help you feel relaxed and also make you drift away from the negativities associated with this pandemic. Example of positive affirmations are: I eat right and exercise right, therefore my immunity is strong to combat this virus; This will soon become a story; I am not giving up no matter what, etc.
  • Explore other things that make you happy: It is very common to be carried away by the sadness from this situation. You are missing outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, seeing people, etc. This will be tough especially for extroverts. However, you can overcome this by seeking healthy alternative sources of happiness. It can be as simple as learning a new hobby; sewing, coding, etc. Intentionally deviate from thinking about the things you miss and begin exploring new exciting things.
  • Seek help: No matter how hard we may try, there will be times when we can’t cope and we want to let it all out. At times like this, talk to someone. It can be a friend, family or a professional. The person must not have answers to all your questions. A listening ear is great. Don’t do it all alone. Seek help.

In conclusion, this is the worst time to lower your immunity and managing stress, anxiety and fear will help your body a lot, in addition to eating right and exercising right.


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