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How Digital of Things are Transforming Life and Entity in Africa

Digital transformation in Africa has been a breakthrough in the area of economic development and commercialization on the young continent. Creative innovations and technology inclusiveness has promoted economic growth and job creation in many key sectors of the of African nations.

This development allows for greater interconnection of the Africans beyond borders, market and financial accessibility for all, particularly in marginalised areas which have been neglected by the existing traditional financial institutions and hereby reducing inequalities.

Africa digital transformations targets.; 2020

Digital infrastructure

Accessible, secure and reliable Internet is critical to closing the digital gap. Africa is enhancing the productivity of the informal sector, fostering fair competition and transparency through building digital infrastructures. African countries are complementing the right investment climate in order to attract more private sector resources. This drive will promote the African Union 2063 Agenda.

Digital governance

African countries are establishing empowering settings that allow national stakeholders to manage digital risks in coordination with the existing work of international and African organizations. In order to reduce the digital gap and inequality, mostly in isolated countries and regions that are excluded or underserved. Digitalisation is extending social protection coverage, encouraging public data availability and e-government on a regional basis.

Digital literacy and skills

Digitalisation has greatly contributed to enhancing human capital resources by providing new opportunities for young people in Africa. Stakeholders in African educational system are focusing more on the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), in order to prepare Africa’s youthful population with the abilities required towards advancement and prosperity guaranteed by the digital economy, protecting against online hazards and tribulations, and encouraging digital inclusion. Especially those affected by the digital divide in poor and in remote communities.

Digital Value Creation and Capturing

Digital transformation has opened-up for growth in the area of entrepreneurship, job creation, and private-sector empowerment, particularly digital startups, SMEs and innovative community initiatives, by using digital technologies to provide support. The rise of innovative solutions obtainable via digitalisation through others, such as health, agriculture, energy, e-commerce, electronic payment, transports and logistics activities that serve commerce.

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